A piece of cake or Giving candy of babys (Idioms)
A wolf in sheep's clothing (Idioms)
Amazed ; Amazing (Adjectives)
an oddball (Idioms)
Annoyed ; Annoying (Adjectives)
Beat around the bush (Idioms)
Behavior (vocabulary)
customer service (vocabulary)
Deeply (vocabulary)
Depressed ; Depressing (Adjectives)
Disappointed ; Disappointing (Adjectives)
effort (vocabulary)
Exhausted ; Exhausting (Adjectives)
Get away (Phrasal Verbs)
Get away with something (Phrasal Verbs)
Get back (to somebody) (Phrasal Verbs)
Get carried away (Phrasal Verbs)
Get in (Phrasal Verbs)
Get in touch (Phrasal Verbs)
Get on (Phrasal Verbs)
Get out (Phrasal Verbs)
Get to the point (Phrasal Verbs)
Give something away (Phrasal Verbs)
hang up (Phrasal Verbs)
Keep away (from) (Phrasal Verbs)
lack (vocabulary)
Mouthwatering (Idioms)
must be tackled (Idioms)
Once in a blue moon. (Idioms)
Out of the blue (Idioms)
Put something away (Phrasal Verbs)
Running wild (Phrasal Verbs)
Stuning (Vocabulario)
Terrified ; Terrifying (Adjectives)
Throw something away (Phrasal Verbs)
To have a bad hair day (Idioms)
Treat myself (Idioms)
Up in the air (Idioms)
Worried ; Worrying (Adjectives)
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